$> cat /dev/random > www.apple.com/itunes

'Where did you get those apps? The toilet store?'
There was a time when it really meant something to have an iPhone app that you've programmed be accepted by apple's review team and posted on the store.  That time has long since passed.  Nowadays, many apps on the app store deserve to be destroyed.  Allow me to do them that honor.  

If you want to join in the fun, perhaps you should submit your apps to be destroyed.  Just remember what you are getting yourself into.  I'll post them if and when I deem them worth destroying.  Don't ask me to destroy apps that don't have many many flaws.  If you ask me to destroy angry birds, I'll get pissed and punch my laptop screen and break it.

I'm sure I'll attract alot of angry attention during the course of this blog.  Know this:  This is all in good fun.  I'm poking fun at everyone including myself.  Here are a few points one should consider when reading this blog:
A).  Nobody should take these reviews seriously.
B).  Any exposure is good exposure.
C).  I'll honor anyone's request to take down a review I've posted on here.